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After School Program

Hacktivate offers a weekly, two hour, turn-key, immersive and focused technology experience for students. Here are a few key points of how our program operates:

Student choice
Hacktivate provides options to support learning in various technical specialities. Based on student interest we adapt to provide equipment and resources that encourage that interest.
Guided Exploration
Hacktivate instructors each contribute different areas expertise and experience to support the students exploration process. This allows us to introduce the multi-disciplinary approach found in many real world projects.
Managed Inventory
Hacktivate runs a lean program that responds to student interest & and heavily encourages resources to be utilized to their full potential. Sometimes breaking a tool or a component is a necessary part of learning which cannot be enforced in any other way. We manage the purchase, maintenance, and replacement of all technology required to run the program.
Flexible Age Range
Our program can accomodate middle and high school students. We find the ideal scenario involves students from each group to allow for role models and mentoring relationships to emerge naturally.
Weekly Immersion
Our program runs for two hours from the end of school until the late bus departure. We find that students need time to enter a creative flow and that meeting for longer periods of time is conducive to this experience.


Our young makers deserve to have a safe place to dig into their interests and refine their skills.

Hacktivate seeks to provide community suport and resources to our young technologists. It is our goal to create an environment that fosters the exploration of technology while demonstrating good patterns of technology use and social interactions.

The creation of friendship and respect among peers is just as important as the sharing of knowledge and tools. These experiences of belonging and acceptance are essential. Highly analytical personalities can tend toward intense focus or even isolation. Our response is to provide balance through community.

When students participate in a Hacktivate after school program they have the opportunity to engage with college students, professionals, academics, and seasoned veterans of the technology and engineering trade.


Call us at (207) 370-1862 or send an email to hello@hacktivate.org. We'd love to hear from you.