Do you need a Hacker Club at your school?



Hacktivate is a non-profit created to support makers. It's function is to turn prototypes and ideas developed in local hacker clubs into realities. For those that dare to dream, we dare to develop plans to act on those dreams.

Hacktivate partners with technologists, educators, curators, and other non-profits to find ways to engage our wider community in finding solutions to real problems.



Maine Hacker Club

Hacktivate is committed to building a healthy and and supportive community of technologists, particularly in our local communities. We seek to bring people together to create positive experiences of technology exploration in a cross generational environment. Hacktivate itself grew out of the relationships of friendship and collaboration which developed in the Maine Hacker Club meetings.

Maine Civic Hack Day

Maine Civic Hack Day is an annual event focusing active community problem solving. It produces prototype solutions to real problems faced by local municipalities, non-profits, and individuals. In preparataion for the event, we work with these community partners to define one of their problems in the form of a challenge to the event participants.

Open Source Approach

The open source approach is a disposition toward sharing intellectual property in a way that invites collaboration from the wider community. While this approach is well known in software development, it is surprisingly unfamiliar to our students. The idea of sharing plans and specifications as a way to collaborate is also new to many adults. Hacktivate seeks to promote awareness of this model and demonstrate how to harness it for increased productivity and efficiency.

Board of Directors

Justin Mecham, President

Justin is a self-taught programmmer and hacker of things. When Justin was 18 he got on a sailboat and lived for three months using only power of the sun and the wind. The son of a artist and a mechanic, he learned at an early age how to take apart and reassemble things into interesting configurations.

Benjamin Schrader, Vice President

Benjamin enjoys wooden blocks and Legos, taking things apart, climbing trees and building forts. Or, he used to. He was home-schooled before it was legal, and nerdy before it was cool [it isn't?]. He began programming at age 10 and computer drafting at age 14, and as a teen worked summer camps. He has degrees from EMCC and UMO, and experience in machining, welding, pipefitting, electronics, fluid power, drafting, and unexpectedly crashing one of GE Bangor's massive multi-axis machining centers. His designs in industry include a hydrostatic transmission for a neighborhood electric vehicle, a dry room for lithium battery development, an automatic overhead bifold door, and fire sprinkler systems. Ben likes to learn, to teach, and make things, and break things. He hopes to encourage creative makers in the community.

Chris Mullen, Board Member

Chris is a Network Technician and VoIP specialist for a local telecommunications provider. He got his start in technology and computers at the young age of 6 when got his first computer - the TRS-80. He saved his first programs to tape cassette with that machine. Since then he has been interested in all forms of technology, communications and network security. He is also a licensed HAM radio operator and enthusiast.

Gibran Graham, Board Member

From a young age, Gibran Graham was inspired by futuristic tales of worlds where people created technology and used it to solve everyday problems. As a board member of Hacktivate, he is proud to help inspire others and see real world solutions pursued through the integration of technology into the community. Gibran’s work background is in retail management and marketing. He is currently the marketing manager and event coordinator at The Briar Patch children’s book and toy store in Downtown Bangor. Since 2008, his BangPop! events company has produced many annual events in the Bangor area, including the BangPop! Comic Con, SnowCon Gaming Convention, and Kid Central Festival. Gibran has a passion for the arts, volunteering, and developing programs to help the community come together. He also serves as a member of the steering committee for FUSION:Bangor and sits on several planning boards and non-profit organizations including the Downtown Bangor Partnership, PechaKucha Bangor, River City Cinema, and the Bangor Book Festival. In November of 2013, Gibran was elected to a three-year term on the Bangor City Council.

Garrett Wilkin, Board Member

Garrett founded Hacktivate in order to better serve his local community. He closely relates with technologists, sharing their fundamental enthusiasm and excitement in discovering how to build and improve upon a system or device. Garrett studied computer science at Syracuse University. Following that he worked as a programmer and manager in the financial software industry for 8 years. At the end of 2013, he accepted a new role at the start up providing analytics for publishers, Parse.ly. He is energized by bringing people together, teaching and learning new skills, and developing a vision of an improved community. Those interests led him to found Maine Hacker Club in February 2012. Garrett also is a member of the Bangor Breakfast Rotary Club and serves on the board of directors for Eastern Maine Development Corporation.


Call us at (207) 370-1862 or send an email to hello@hacktivate.org. We'd love to hear from you.